The Club of Rome half century after “The limits to growth” and its consequences on today’s world.

(by Ugo Bardi)

Ugo Bardi

We all remember the well known study “The limits to growth” published in 1972 by The Club of Rome. Its memory is often misrepresented from the passing of time and from the many legends that have been built upon its results. Thus, we remember – or we believe we remember – that “The limits to growth” made “wrong forecasts” by saying that we should  have finished this or that resource (oil, gas, copper or whatever) already a long time ago. This is not what happened, of course. But the story was different.

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Development possibilites for electric vehicles market

One of the aims of Europe2020 is the 20% CO2 emissions reduction by 2020. Nevertheless, according to forecasts the total amount of cars worldwide should duplicate by 2030 (moving from 800 million to 1,6 billion vehicles); thus, it is necessary to reduce traditional vehicles (accountable for 15% of polluting emissions in Europe) and promote a sustainable mobility.

Electric vehicles salesThe production of electric vehicles in Europe started in 2010: since then, sales have increased year by year and they got to 50.000 vehicles in 2013. This market is so young that it is difficult to make precise forecasts on future developments; anyway, if the growth will continue with the same trends it had until now, it is possible to say that it is likely that sales will get to 100.000 vehicles in 2015, 500.000 in 2020 and more than one million in 2025.

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Microgrid, the energy future

The microgrid is a system of connected electricity consumptions that manages the energy needs of all its components in order to reach the following objectives:

Microgrid Loccioni
  • energy costs optimization by maximizing the use of locally produced power through the management of energy flows;
  • power quality and reliability improvement through the reduction in the number and duration of power outages;
  • reduction of CO2 emission.

Is it really possible to reach these goals? The answer is yes.
The Energy Management System (EMS) makes it possible to enhance remote data monitoring, advanced building management, energy flows optimization and demand response programs.
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Climaveneta story about Loccioni

Climaveneta is a European leader in HVAC and HPAC.
Since 40 years, Climaveneta provides energy efficient heating, air conditioning and data center cooling solutions with the purposes of:
Climaveneta for Loccioni
• enhancing everyone’s comfort;
• improving the profitability of a building;
• reducing CO2 emissions.

Thanks to its collaboration with Loccioni Group in the 2km of future, Climaveneta decided to tell its success story in its “Projects and applications” and in a  video  that we would like to share with the Leaf Community and with the Leaf Players.


The Leaf Community becomes a social and technological innovation laboratory

Angeli di Rosora, July 10th-11th 2014

Two days of intensive knowledge sharing and awareness: the 2 km di futuro® forum, organized by Loccioni Group, with Enel, Nissan, Samsung SDI and VenetoBanca, under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economic Development, World Bank, UN Habitat, Marche RegionKyoto Club and Legambiente has been joined by over 300 people coming from all over the world with the drive to visit one among the first real micro-grids in Italy and experience a good practice of social innovation.

sala evento 2km

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2KM di futuro ! ®


On the 10th and 11th of July. Loccioni Group will hold 2km di futuro®, an event organized in collaboration with Nissan, Enel, Samsung SDI and Veneto Banca, as financial partner.

Important opinion leaders on the international scene will meet to discuss the possible balance among man, nature and technology. The forum will be focused on social imagination, on public-private cooperation for territory development and safeguard; and on Loccioni microgrid implementation starting from Leaf Community.

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