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2km di futuro® is a way of reconsidering the role of the company, which continues to generate jobs and wealth, as well as value and opportunities, opening up to the territory, dealing with the natural environment and the person, in synergy with the institutions.

2km di futuro® is a “land of the permanent design“, which wants to develop corporate culture and technological innovation fueling and reinterpreting the traditions and stories of the past.
From agriculture to industry, from research to services, the company generates visions, projects, actions that
implement and demonstrate the possible harmony between man and nature, between public and private,
between profit and value.

A repeatable example of how widespread collaboration, recovery and renewable energy activities, along with the smart grid can actually be a valid feasible path to build a sustainable future. Not only in environmental terms, but also in terms of work and opportunities.
Environment and economy, when a person is happier, another being happier

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