In the Energy Week with the power of the wood

Tomorrow the Leaf community will meet in Piandimeleto, at Moretti Compact headquarters, the world leader in furniture for children and teenagers.

The Leaf Meeting, that aims to exchange ideas and information about efficiency and energy self-sufficiency, with leading experts in the field, will be attended by godfathers of Leaf Community: Professor Federico Maria Butera, environmental physics and technology, and Giorgio Di Tullio, innovation philosopher, along with leading industrial representatives of Marche region, who share a strong focus on quality of work, on the training of employees, but also on the ethical and social implications of the business.

It will be an opportunity to review the milestones of the path of sustainability that Moretti has undertaken together with Loccioni Group since 2012, and, at the conclusion of works, it will be inaugurated the new biomass cogeneration plant for the production of electricity and heat, through the gasification of virgin woodchips realized by Loccioni Group with the contribution of the designer Lorenzo De Bartolomeis, who realized a tour.

The meeting is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016, sponsored by the European Commission, and is one of 320 Energy Days organized in this week in all Europe in order to promote good practices in the field of energy.