Case history: GRID4EU


The European project GRID4EU aims at making demonstration on Smart Grid advance solutions for the European Union: in collaboration with Enel, Loccioni Group realized a Lithium-Ion battery Energy Storage System of 1MW/1MWh.

The Italian demonstration, addressing to Medium Voltage Network, aims at realizing an advanced control system communicating with all the network relevant nodes: MV generators, HV/MV and MV/LV substations and a storage facility.

The Forlì-Cesena site choice is due to the following reasons:

  • high penetration of solar generation
  • relatively low consumptions
  • Mediterranean climate conditions
  • distribution network characteristics representative of the grid of the southern EuropeGrid4eu

The Energy Storage System developed by Loccioni Group is a static one: it is permanently connected to a certain point of the grid and it allows activities such as:

  • frequency regulation
  • power regulation
  • black start
  • peak shaving
  • time shifting etc.

At the following link there is GRID4EU communication about the Energy Storage System actual results and commissioning activities.

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