Case History: Group CMS

The Group CMS operates in the fields of mechanical engineering and manufacturing for third parties since 1975. It specifically deals with firms that are leaders in their sectors by designing, developing, testing and supplying high complexity and precision mechanical machineries and components.

Its main application areas are: packaging, railways, automotive and motorcycles, medical and pharmaceutical.Logo CMS

The numbers that characterize the Group are the following:

  • 500 employees
  • 14 palnt
  • 100 millions in revenue in 2013

Loccioni intervention

Loccioni contribution can be classified in four intervention areas: production, measurement, service center and communication.


  • PV plants: three PV plants have been realized:
    • 2 of 45 Kwp
    • 1 of 190 Kwp

The 15% of total energy used is produced from PV plants and the energy produced from these plants is self consumed at 89%. The reduction of CO2 emission is 180 tons per year, that corresponds to the quantity of CO2 absorbed in one year from 9.000 trees.

The total energy saving is equal to 15%.


  • myLeaf: it is the system that allows the measurement, visualization and analysis of electrical consumptions in a building and that allows to take zero costs corrective and optimization actions that bring an annual saving up to 7%.


  • Data acquisition and processing for the creation of economic and energetic value: energy consultancy is provided thanks to biannual reports where corrective actions are highlighted in order to promote energy savings.


  • Web portal it allows to access at any moment to plants’ measurements, also on tablet and smartphones.

Interview to Paola Nanni, communication manager at Group CMS.

  • The Group CMS has recently realized three PV plants and started to measure energy consumption with greater awareness. Why have you decided to undertake this path towards sustainability? Which are your goals?

C.M.S decided to set several and important goals for the medium-long period in the field of environmental sustainability, along with the “Horizon 2020” objectives defined by the European Community and with the Kyoto Protocol. C.M.S took on this commitment that has been shared with the main clients and inserted in the sustainability report. Some years ago the Management decided to realize an innovative project regarding the photovoltaic, that is important both in terms of energy saving and renewable energy use. Thanks to this solution there is the aim of reducing the total energy consumption of 338.673,94 kWh, with a reduction up to 30% for the consumptions in the plant devoted to monitoring and up to 12% in main production site. Moreover, in such a way we will drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

  • The interventions adopted brought to/are bringing to the achievement of the set objectives?

Of course they are; by comparing the data from 2010 (start of the project) with the trend of current year, CO2 emissions have been reduced of almost 20% with respect to the working hours. If the trend will continue like this, it is possible to suppose that the reduction will get to 30% in 2020. This is the  confirmation that our choice was a good one.

  • How is it perceived inside and outside the Group this commitment towards sustainability?

Group CMS strongly believes in the values of sustainability. In particular C.M.S. S.p.A. has been publishing the Annual Report since 6 years not only to communicate the results achieved in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility but also to have an active dialogue with all the stakeholders, based on transparency and on the sharing of expectations. Environmental responsibility is an fundamental part of our CSR strategy. We periodically organize stakeholder engagement activities: during these activities we always collect very positive feedbacks on our initiatives from both internal and external stakeholders. Ecology, efficiency, safe and quality are the other keywords on which our sustainability strategy is based. We have always been convinced that the environment is an asset to be protected together  with the whole community.

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