Case history: LANDI RENZO

Logo Landi Renzo

Landi Renzo SpA is a world-leading company serving more than 30% of the market for LPG and CNG alternative automotive fuel systems and components.

These are Landi Renzo numbers:

  • 720 employees in Italy
  •  36% woman percentage
  • 222.809 € of revenues
  •  5% of revenues invested in R&D
  •  164 people work in the R&D department
  •   5 continents; 18 branches; 13 countries

Loccioni intervention

The Landi Renzo New Technical Center is devoted to reseach and development activities. This building has been created in order to use energy in an efficient way and with low environmental impact. It’s A classification was achieved through construction and technology.

Loccioni realized all what it concerns the technological part and the building automation; 4 areas can be identified:


  • Anti-intrusion system;
  • Fire detection;
  • Access control;
  • Video surveillance system;
  • Fail safe (safety system for people and instruments)


The use of myLeaf allows to take zero cost corrective and optimization actions that can allow an annual saving up to 6%.


Loccioni realized solutions for:

  • climate control: it allows the optimal use of heating and cooling systems
  • lighting control: smart control system of LED lighting that regulates the use and the intensity of lights.


Thanks to the web portal it is possible to monitor in each moment the plant measurements and the Leaf Meter communicates to other people the value of energy choices.

The NTC results are:

  • 70% : annual thermal saving
  • 30% : annual lighting saving
  • CO2 emission reduction in one year: 120 tons. It is equal to the quantity of CO2 absorbed by 6.000 trees in one year 

Interview to Giovanni Costi, New Technical Center Responsible

  • The New Technical Center is an innovative building for sustainability and energy efficiency. Which are its main characteristics?

Landi Renzo NTC has an A classification building especially tank to the installations. All Air Treatment Units use enthalpic revovery that allow savings for heating, cooling, humidification and de-humidification. Heating and cooling power production is done through total recovery heat pumps: they allow to recover heat the processes heat, included the cooling water of motors that are tested in the testing rooms. A tank necessary for fire alarms is used as a thermal storage by using the heating pumps, that are equipped with inverters.

The conditioning of the offices is via radiant ceiling panels with high efficiency and UTA dedicated to control humidity and air circulation . The testing rooms are equipped with regenerative dynamo for the re-use of the energy produced during testing of engines and vehicles. The new technical center is also equipped with a 200 kWp photovoltaic plant (integrated in building roof) to enjoy the maximum benefits of net metering. The lighting has the extensive use of dimmable LED lights of ultra-low power, that allows to maximize natural lighting; occupancy sensors allow to turn on and turn off automatically the lights. In the hallway of the test rooms were installed solar tubes that, through the sensors, bring natural light in the workplace, thus reducing artificial lighting. The monitoring of the operation of the plant is made by a supervisor ( Desigo Siemens ) that transmits data of various energy meters to the myLeaf developed by Loccioni . This system allows us to constantly monitor the consumption and production sources, resulting in an automatic accounting for economic and suggesting potential improvements in energy management.

  • Why have you taken the road towards sustainability? Which are Landi Renzo goals?

Sustainability is the key word of our corporate philosophy. Our gas systems make engines more environmentally friendly and we could not build our new center for research and development without trying to reduce as much as possible the fuel consumption and environmental impact, while creating a modern and bright workplace where our engineers can think about the products of tomorrow . The goal was very clear: to create a building in A classification using all the latest technologies, which could host all the existing laboratories and with the necessary plants already prepared for new expansions and new laboratories . A place to live, but also to be shown to other people, consistent with the main building built in 2001: an example of functional and innovative architecture.

  • The technologies used and the interventions implemented have led / are leading to the achievement of these objectives ?

In the new building we are getting the results that we set. Anyway we will reach maximum efficiency only when we will work at full capacity , even with the engine testing rooms.

  • How is it perceived this attention to sustainability within and outside Landi Renzo?

Very positively . Landi Renzo is the industry leader and has a well-recognized brand, characterized by constant references to eco- sustainability, both in products and in all corporate communications and initiatives of the corporate university  (for example with publications on eco-mobility) . The technical center is an important signal (more than 30 millions invested in its construction), the concrete evidence that the company believes in its core business and intends to develop it in line with its own values.

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