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Wise energy

Impianto fotovoltaico a tetto

Automation, savings, efficiency, size and flow management, awareness of consumption: this is the wise energy.

The Loccioni solutions about wise energy management and automation technologies concern the new research center DARC, Dallara Advanced Reserach Center.

The efficient technologies and solutions on the lighting and thermal systems, the efficiency of the datacenter and the renewable production allow Dallara to save every year 80,000€ and 25% of energy.

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Smart Carbon, the sustainable idea of Loccioni Environment.

smart carbon
(di Stefano Collura, R&D Manager, Loccioni Environment)

Let’s try to image a world without coal fired power plants, incinerators, steelworks, cement plants, refineries, chemical plants and all those plants commonly agreed as polluting ones.

Of course we would live in cleaner and nicer world, but most probably we would also be compelled to give away most of the comforts we get used to and upon which is based our present idea of wellbeing: we would not be able to produce enough energy to meet our needs, we would live in wood made houses or caves, we would need fire to heat e we would move on foot or by horse; we would not even go by bicycle because we would need to melt metals and synthesize tires from hydrocarbons…

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Le 8 regole per diventare una Green factory

L’accostamento dei termini “green” e “factory” viene ancora percepito da molti come un ossimoro.
L’impresa verde, in realtà, si prefigura come un paradigma innovativo dai tratti concreti e possiede delle caratteristiche distintive che le consentono di stagliarsi nello scenario industriale.
Le imprese che decidono di perseguire la strada della sostenibilità devono portare a compimento 8 impegni importanti nei confronti dell’ambiente, che consentiranno un ritorno economico, pubblicitario e sociale.

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