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The forms of Energy


Next 28th of May, the Ispra (VA) of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) will open once again its doors to the public at the Open Day, which for this occasion will have the theme “Giving a way to science”.
It will be possible to visit the workshops, attend scientific demonstrations, participate in experiments and farther to meet scientists and researchers of all Europe.

Within this context will be visible also our storage system, the first design storage system, signed by Lorenzo De Bartolomeis for Loccioni: a perforated panel and some LED lights to symbolize the system’s ability to adjust and store energy, with transparent doors to allow a glimpse of the operation of the batteries.

The project is part of the Energy Design System, the design and communication program for renewable energy production, storage and management systems, that has educational purposes and that has been nominated for the ADI Design Index 2016.

Always in fact, the Design is an integral part of our processes: from the collaboration with Japanese designer Isao Hosoe they were born design projects such as Apoteca, the automation and computerization system for the preparation of chemotherapy drugs, or Agorà, a sustainable and innovative data center selected by ADI (Association for Industrial Design), among the best Italian projects in design for services in 2012.


Merry Christmas from Loccioni Group!


We wish you 2 kilometers of joy for a very special Christmas.

A new year rich of challenges and milestones.

A river of courage to realize your projects.

Because any of us is here to seed beauty.

“The man who moves the mountains, starts by taking away the smallest stones” (Chinese adage)

Development possibilites for electric vehicles market

One of the aims of Europe2020 is the 20% CO2 emissions reduction by 2020. Nevertheless, according to forecasts the total amount of cars worldwide should duplicate by 2030 (moving from 800 million to 1,6 billion vehicles); thus, it is necessary to reduce traditional vehicles (accountable for 15% of polluting emissions in Europe) and promote a sustainable mobility.

Electric vehicles salesThe production of electric vehicles in Europe started in 2010: since then, sales have increased year by year and they got to 50.000 vehicles in 2013. This market is so young that it is difficult to make precise forecasts on future developments; anyway, if the growth will continue with the same trends it had until now, it is possible to say that it is likely that sales will get to 100.000 vehicles in 2015, 500.000 in 2020 and more than one million in 2025.

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Climaveneta story about Loccioni

Climaveneta is a European leader in HVAC and HPAC.
Since 40 years, Climaveneta provides energy efficient heating, air conditioning and data center cooling solutions with the purposes of:
Climaveneta for Loccioni
• enhancing everyone’s comfort;
• improving the profitability of a building;
• reducing CO2 emissions.

Thanks to its collaboration with Loccioni Group in the 2km of future, Climaveneta decided to tell its success story in its “Projects and applications” and in a  video  that we would like to share with the Leaf Community and with the Leaf Players.

2KM di futuro ! ®


On the 10th and 11th of July. Loccioni Group will hold 2km di futuro®, an event organized in collaboration with Nissan, Enel, Samsung SDI and Veneto Banca, as financial partner.

Important opinion leaders on the international scene will meet to discuss the possible balance among man, nature and technology. The forum will be focused on social imagination, on public-private cooperation for territory development and safeguard; and on Loccioni microgrid implementation starting from Leaf Community.

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