E-on and Loccioni switch on the first energy island in Scandinavia

The future is local.

On October 18th, at Simris, a charming little town on the Swedish south-east coast, in the Scania Region, has disconnected the plug. The first energy island in Scandinavia has been inaugurated in the presence of institutions, companies and inhabitants.

With the LES project, Local Energy System, E.ON, the German energy giant, involved the inhabitants of a small town into something that tastes as future. As a matter of fact, the energy that feeds the houses, the shops and the life of this small seaside town will no longer be furnished by the national electrical power system, but it will be produced on site, exclusively renewable, without CO2 emissions and available when necessary.

The energy is produced by a 440 kW photovoltaic plant and a 500 kW wind turbine; in order to make the energy reliable and available also at night, there is a big battery and an intelligent distribution system.

The Internet of things and the intelligence of the energy are real. Intelligent is an increasingly important feature that we attribute to the energy, after accessible, reliable and renewable. In a scenery where the energetic islands and the microgrid will increase in number, where the needed energy is self-produced, where the complete independence from fossil sources is a concrete opportunity by now, where technology that guarantees the quality of the service and its reliability is increasingly important.

The “Italian Technology”, together with Loccioni, took care of the entire storage section by integrating and, indeed, making the lithium ions storage system intelligent, a 800kW battery.

It really seems a good adventure: the meeting with the German and then Swedish team EO.N, the development of an innovative project, a team of young people of different nationalities who meet, in Germany, in Italy, in the Marche Region, in Sweden planning, building and switching on the future.

Leonard Birnbaum, Member of the E.ON Board, states: “This extraordinary project shows a possible development for the smart grid evolution. With the right technology systems and intelligent solutions, at Simris, today we can demonstrate that the future of decentralized, renewable and reliable energy is possible.

The inhabitants of Simris will have the possibility to control the consumption and production trends, the energy production and accumulation flows, through the web, in real time. The innovation implemented in Simris, is part of the European project InterFlex, which aims to develop the technology for the microgrid and to boost the production from renewable energy.

A fair evolution for the Leaf Community that in 2008 had already anticipated the future with its environmentally friendly community and its microgrid, bringing and sharing experiences and knowledge with an experienced and extremely flexible team of researchers, clients, partners. Besides the Leaf Community intelligent microgrid with its electrical and thermal storages, there are several innovative systems which has been realized in Italy: a storage system for the Enel Green Power wind plant in Pietragalla; a storage and regulation system Enel Distribuzione in Forlì; inside the European Grid4Eu project, the storage for the JRC Ispra grid; the installation for Veritas and its microgrid in Mestre, for the CNR in Messina and for the University of Messina and Savona; for the RSE, the Italian National Center of Energy Research. With more than 5,5 MW of installed storages, Loccioni team consists of the most expert energy designers/ innovators in Europe.

“The most beautiful part of this project is to have the opportunity to create an “energetic twinning” between a small town of the Marche Region and a small Swedish town. The bridge that has been created between the LES and the LEAF projects generates a network made not only of companies, but also of people with the same objective consisting of a sustainable future.” As stated by Enrico Loccioni, who has always devoted his work to bring technology at the service of the people and the planet.

Without forgetting that being Italian means bringing style and beauty. For this reason, the container that hosts the storage, designed by Lorenzo De Bartolomeis, tells how the renewable energy is a wild and strong power that we can domesticate and regulate in order to maintain the comfort we are used to, without consequences on the environment. Simris, as Pisa, Forlì, Pietragalla or Varese, become the manifesto of the beauty of the renewable energy sources: installing storage energy systems does not mean filling our towns or countryside with ugly or painted buildings; on the contrary, it can add value and beauty to a territory and give the green light to a micro architecture that has yet to be developed.

These installations have the characteristic to be training paths, where the mysteries of the energy production, storage and distribution are revealed through informative and colorful info-graphic panels. Because energy is not just a business matter, but a cultural commitment. If this approach had been followed since the beginning of the spread of wind and solar plants, much of the opposition to the realization of renewable energy sources installations, due to their aesthetic impact, would have been avoid. We should not forget that, as stated by Pope Francis a few days ago, the wellness of this planet and its inhabitants is at risk and each one of us can do a lot.