‘Below the village of Angeli they point out to me a three-story building,
which would be quite normal if my curiosity had not been attracted
to the glass roof covering a long balcony on the façade’

from Animal Spirits in Vallesina by Mario Bartocci

This is the Leaf House: a carbon neutral house, energetically self-sufficient and designed to not affect the environment.

Composed of 6 apartments and inhabited by Loccioni’s employees, since July 2012 the Leaf House is completely independent from the grid thank to the energy storage systems called Firefly and provided by Samsung SDI.

Its South exposure allows the maximum exploitation of the PV plant. Its geothermal heat recovers the meteoric waters and re-uses them for irrigation and drain. The building automation increases the efficiency and gains a functional energy management. The constant internal air-control allows the heat recovery.

The entire system is managed by myLeaf®, the Loccioni web-based platform that controls and monitors the energy fluxes.

Brochure Leaf House

At the highest level there is “Zeos”, the Zero Emission Open Space, a loft designed with an open-space architecture and concept. The opportunity is to “let the world” inside ZEOS to experience true “green life”. Visits by journalists are regularly organized, with different themes each time.

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