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Joining a “leaf community” means sharing the principle of the importance of nature
and the belief that is possible to apply the latest technology
without damaging the natural environment’

M. Bartocci,  Animal Spirits in Vallesina

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energia micro idroelettrica

energia micro idroelettrica

energia micro idroelettrica

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The Leaf Community is the result of the strong ambition to create a positive meeting field between technology and nature.
The idea, in coherence with more than 40 years of activity in technology, is proposed by Loccioni which, in collaboration with a network of excellence companies, has defined and created the first eco-sustainable completely integrated community in Italy.

In the Leaf Community it is possible to live in a carbon neutral house, and move with electrical or hydrogen cars, bring children to a solar energy school and work in eco-compatible buildings. Energy is provided by renewable sources, granting the highest level of comfort and modernity.

The Leaf Community is an opportunity for everybody (institutions, universities, municipalities, companies and school), a place where to meet up and exchange ideas, an open laboratory, a model to integrate in a design territory.

Like a leaf, the Leaf Community is powered by sun, water, wind and earth. It gather the energy, using it when is necessary and release it in the air with healthy and cleaned methods.
The Leaf Community is in Italy, in Marche Region, is real and inhabited by people.

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