Leaf Lab

Leaf Lab

The first connective building turnes on the smart grid
We are not just building a workplace, but designing a territory with its nature and landscapes, which determines the identity and uniqueness of our land. Through the architecture lens, we discover and enhance the beauty of the place. Past, present and future join in a journey towards environmental, economic, social and human sustainability.
“This building and its technologies will be reproduced in all parts of the world, not only in new buildings, but also with the aim of revamping energy” (Gino Romiti – Direttore Innovazione Gruppo Loccioni)

Leaf lab is an hub of the Leaf Community
The leaf Lab shares with the other buildings the renewable energy produced.
The technology behind this gift is the electrical and thermal storage: 56 kWh generate energy flows between buildings and, together with the energy of the other renewable energy plants, make up for the energy needs of the whole Leaf Community optimizing the relationship € kWh / s.
With myLeaf web platform we can visualize measurements and manage in real-time energy flows between buildings and industrial facilites, creating an intelligent connection between production and consumption.

| Certified in Class A +
| Designed for district heating
| Entirely illuminated by LED
| Totally independent from methane
| Optimized for low electrical and thermal consumption
| Natural flow of groundwater
| Latest-generation data center for data processing

Environmental Quality :
| Surrounded by nature
| CO2 internal control
| Brightness, temperature and humidity sensors

Power management :
| ESS with li-ion batteries
| Energy production from renewable sources (solar and micro hydro)
| Management and optimization of energy flows

Thermal energy management :
| Thermal energy storage
| Internal management and optimization of energy flows
| Natural cooling in mid-seasons
| Free cooling
| Heat pumps with ground water
| Use of ground water for irrigation and industrial processes

“To achieve energy autonomy is necessary to interconnect with the environment. The power of this building lies in the fact of being interconnected, communicating with the nature that surrounds it”. (Federico Butera – Prof. Politecnico di Milano)


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