Leaf Meter

The Leaf Meter is the sustainability gauge developed by Loccioni Energy to visualize in real time the data relative to the energy performances and the environmental impact of buildings.

The Leaf Meter is born as a simulacrum and as a metaphor for the renewed relationship among nature, human being and technology: trough technology, sun, water, earth and wind regain a fundamental role in human beings’ life and become again vital resources for a possible future.

At the same time, the individual gains awareness over his role and his impact on the environment. Like a tree in complete harmony with mother earth, the Leaf Meter represents this awareness and this discovered reconciliation. It tells of the gifts that nature makes to human being and of the efforts of human beings to protect her – an effort that does not mean sacrifice, but improved comfort in harmony with environment.

Selected by the Farnesina Design Collection as Italian best-practice and permanently exhibited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Leaf Meter transforms the collected data into values which everyone can testify.

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