“The peacocks proceed side by side, with their tail feathers spread, with haughty step commensurate with their rank,
regardless of the coarse whistles that the Indian blackbird regularly hurls from its cage.
The grass is bright green and compact, under the shade of large trees that sway in the gentle wind”.
dal libro  Animal Spirits in Vallesina di Mario Bartocci

The park
It is the rest area for all Loccioni’s employees and visitors. They can relax under the aestival shadows of the big oak, together with the peacocks, the ducks and the crowned cranes.

The river
Everyone can enjoy the walking and cycling trails along the adjacent river Esino. They have been created thanks to the adoption and the drainage of 2 km of the river.

The garden
Leaf community promotes a lifestyle characterised by environmental, ecological, economic, social and human sustainability. It valorises relationships , conviviality, cooperation and the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of one’s land. Honey, oil, wine and garden products are in fact available to all Loccioni’s guests and employees.



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