Wise energy

Impianto fotovoltaico a tetto

Automation, savings, efficiency, size and flow management, awareness of consumption: this is the wise energy.

The Loccioni solutions about wise energy management and automation technologies concern the new research center DARC, Dallara Advanced Reserach Center.

The efficient technologies and solutions on the lighting and thermal systems, the efficiency of the datacenter and the renewable production allow Dallara to save every year 80,000€ and 25% of energy.

Most of the savings is due to the innovative and efficient datacenter: with an average PUE  value of 1.1, Dallara saves annually about € 52,000 and 39% of energy compared to an average data center with a PUE of 1.8.

This very efficient datacenter is powered by roof photovoltaic systems reaching to the 47% of energy independence.


The dimmable LED lighting and presence detectors guarantee maximum comfort, allow to optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs.

The heating system also contributes to smart management: thanks to heat pumps, chilled beams, inverter on pumps, heat recovery systems, high insulation of walls and high performance windows, the energy consumption is reduced by 35% per year compared to a building that has not undergone interventions.

Optimized management of energy flows, building automation and installation of photovoltaic systems contribute to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact: Dallara annually avoids 272,000 kg of C02 emissions the same emitted by a car that travel 1.8 million kilometers.

“Dallara is investing in the use of carbon fiber for weight reduction, for the improvement of aerodynamic efficiency and for the use of electric engines not only in racecars but also in other areas as well. The research that we conduct for our racecars is not only about performance and speed—all of our findings have the opportunity to bring innovation to other sectors, promoting a more sustainable future.”

These important steps of Dallara’s commitment for environmental and territory are visible on the Leaf Meter, the sustainability gauge developed by Loccioni to visualize in real time the data relative to the energy performances and the environmental impact of buildings.

With the Leaf Meter, Dallara joined Leaf Community and became a new Leaf Player.

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