Smart Carbon, the sustainable idea of Loccioni Environment.

smart carbon
(di Stefano Collura, R&D Manager, Loccioni Environment)

Let’s try to image a world without coal fired power plants, incinerators, steelworks, cement plants, refineries, chemical plants and all those plants commonly agreed as polluting ones.

Of course we would live in cleaner and nicer world, but most probably we would also be compelled to give away most of the comforts we get used to and upon which is based our present idea of wellbeing: we would not be able to produce enough energy to meet our needs, we would live in wood made houses or caves, we would need fire to heat e we would move on foot or by horse; we would not even go by bicycle because we would need to melt metals and synthesize tires from hydrocarbons…

Unfortunately we have to face the fact that what we name as economical and technological progress requires natural resources exploitation and pollution in exchange.

Thus, even if we are all moving toward a carbon neutral development (that means a development that does not change emission level of natural processes), it is clear that present reality is far enough from being so. It is then possible and right put the best effort in order to rationalize energy conversion processes end polluting emissions according to the concept of sustainability: indeed there is an amount of emission linked to each industrial process that we may consider physiological, reasonable, smart that we have the chance to optimize. That’s why, beside the concept of carbon neutrality, Loccioni

Environment supports the idea of Smart Carbon, as a philosophy to deal with present times.
It the era of smart devices, smart phones, smart houses, smart grids, also complex processes of energy conversion (i.e. power production from coal or gas, steel production, oil refining, etc…) may be smart. Being smart means the ability of manage a plant in a flexible way, by adjusting processes in order to follow sudden changes in production or after occasional operational failures, without affecting efficiency or worsen emission level and, in the long run, without increasing O&M costs.

Most often environmental issues are the consequence of waste, negligence or lack of suitable instruments to measure certain quantities inside complex processes. Loccioni Environment plays the role of designing, developing and integrating such a kind systems for monitoring and controlling processes and emissions, focusing mainly on industrial plants that issues bigger challenges in terms of environmental and social sustainability.
Loccioni Environment solutions make definitely possible to obtain sensitive economical benefits thanks to a more efficient production and to translate them also into benefits for the environment and society as well: therefore for everyone!

Our high level purpose is to produce profit for the enterprise, the customer and the whole community by expanding the typical equation measure + control = optimization trough a one more step: optimization = wellbeing respectful of the deep link between human beings and ecosystem.

Speak up! Let us know what you think.

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